"Windsor No 46"

Adrian Hirons has submitted these photographs of his Windsor No 46 with the following comments: "I have attached a couple of photos of my Windsor No 46 zither banjo which I have owned for about 40 years ( see "The Banjo" no.65 and the ref. contained in "Matters of the Moment" ). I have taken a shot of the arrangement at the 5th fret which allows the strings to pass under the plate and thus shorten the scale length -- a corresponding single plate at the tenth fret accommodates the octave string".

"The 5th fret capo appears to my eye to have been installed at the time of manufacture of the banjo. There is no cut out at all on the side of the hoop. I have taken a shot of the side of the heel. I hope you can make out "The Windsor" trademark --- the "No 46" seems to have been punched in with a set of individual of hand stamps and following Nick's comments now wonder if this is indeed a batch no." 

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