Sydney Ball



Fred Determan has kindly allowed us to publish these photos of his father and grandfather.

Fred remembers very little about his grandfather, except that he seemed to be a rather gentle, shy little man who had forgotten how to play the banjo in later life. He worked part time as an agent for Clifford Essex selling strings, music etc, also as an odd job man. He was a member of the Bristol and Bath B.M.G Banjo clubs in the 1930's, taught his  father (William) the basics of the instrument and they played duets, with his  father accompanying him on both banjo and piano. Favourite pieces of his included Morley's 'Apple Blossoms' and Grimshaw's 'Return Of The Regiment'.
This early photo of Bill (left) shows him playing zither banjo for which he expressed a profound dislike of in later life.

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