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Banjo and Concertina Music

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"a fully illustrated and comprehensive Method" IMAGE0001.JPG (2).JPG (51435 bytes) comprehensive compendium.

NB tremolo section!

IMAGE0004.JPG (2).JPG (32512 bytes)

12 solos: arrangements/

(pno part missing)

IMAGE0005.JPG (2).JPG (45094 bytes)

with exercises and solos.


IMAGE0007.JPG (3).JPG (42238 bytes)
B200 13 B2003 12 B204 8 B205 12
IMAGE0009.JPG (2).JPG (27319 bytes)

with exercises and 13 charming solos.

IMAGE0010.JPG (3).JPG (36572 bytes)

clear and well set out. Ideal collaboration.?

IMAGE0012.JPG (2).JPG (25813 bytes)

useful little summary with tunings etc.

IMAGE0013.JPG (3).JPG (56788 bytes)

Cammeyer describes his z-b technique


12 B207 12 B208 7 B209 10
"..for the Scientific advancement of Banjo Players" IMAGE0014.JPG (3).JPG (50102 bytes) 20 well known Music Hall songs for voice and banjo IMAGE0016.JPG (2).JPG (53903 bytes) much that is also good for 5 string FS IMAGE0017.JPG (2).JPG (49274 bytes) 26 charming duets by 13 different composers IMAGE0018.JPG (2).JPG (40305 bytes)
B210 6 B211 8 B212 12 B213 9
IMAGE0019.JPG (2).JPG (40008 bytes) 20 excellent duets for teacher and pupil IMAGE0020.JPG (2).JPG (46965 bytes) with exercises, duets, solos and songs IMAGE0021.JPG (2).JPG (46449 bytes) the so called "Academic Edition" but far from dry!  IMAGE0022.JPG (2).JPG (48277 bytes) with scales, exercises and 20s song arrangements
B214 8 B216 12 B217 12 B218 8
30 short exercises and 4 studies on tremolo IMAGE0023.JPG (2).JPG (29767 bytes) "..for the advancement of technique and style" Lovely book! IMAGE0024.JPG (2).JPG (35521 bytes) "..exercises in the higher branches of playing" Brilliant! IMAGE0025.JPG (2).JPG (35874 bytes) exhaustive! (and exhausting...?) in German IMAGE0026.JPG (2).JPG (38198 bytes)
B219 5 B220 8 B221 8 B222 12
some changes and reductions from the 1895 edition IMAGE0027.JPG (2).JPG (25195 bytes) very good early primer with solos, songs, duets etc IMAGE0028.JPG (3).JPG (45790 bytes) 10 effective solos arranged for banjo & piano IMAGE0029.JPG (2).JPG (49143 bytes)
B223 12 B224 13 B225 8